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Do Seresto flea and tick collars work

Yes, Seresto flea and tick collars are effective in controlling flea and tick infestations. They effectively repel, kill, and sterilize fleas and ticks for up to 8 months after being applied. This is significantly more protection than other over-the-counter flea/tick products which typically last for only 1-4 weeks. It works by slowly releasing the active ingredients directly onto your pet’s fur, creating an invisible microscopic “shield” that kills fleas, ticks and larvae within 24 hours of contact. Their waterproof technology also ensures they remain effective even when your pet goes swimming or gets wet. When used as directed, they offer a safe, easy way to protect your pet from harmful pests without the mess associated with topical treatments like creams or sprays.

What is a Seresto flea and tick collar?

A Seresto flea and tick collar is a protective device designed to protect your pet from the annoyance and danger of fleas and ticks. The collar works by releasing a low-dose insecticide in the form of an odorless gas that forms an invisible barrier around your pet’s neck.

The insecticide contained in the collar has been proven to kill fleas and ticks as they try to make their way on to your pet. This effectively prevents them from biting or infesting your pet with any diseases or parasites they might be carrying. The gas released by the collar also keeps other insects away, making it even more effective at keeping fleas and ticks away than topical treatments or sprays.

Not only does it provide superior protection against both fleas and ticks, but it’s also very easy to use. Simply fit it tightly around your pet’s neck and leave it there for eight full months! And since it’s adjustable, it’ll still remain snug and secure no matter how much your pet moves around during these eight months. Moreover, since you don’t need to replace this product every month like most traditional products require, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, effort and money!

How effective are Seresto flea and tick collars?

Seresto flea and tick collars are highly effective at preventing, as well as treating, flea and tick infestations. The Seresto collar uses two active ingredients: imidacloprid and flumethrin. Imidacloprid helps repel fleas and ticks, while flumethrin kills them by contact if they do manage to attach themselves to your pet.

Plus, the effectiveness of the collar can last up to 8 months! That’s right – you only have to replace the collar once in a while instead of constantly reapplying different treatments or topical spot-on products. Plus, with Seresto you don’t need to worry about bathing or swimming affecting the effectiveness of the treatment. This makes it an ideal option for those looking for long-term protection against fleas and ticks on their pets.

Is it safe to use a Seresto flea and tick collar on my pet?

Yes, Seresto flea and tick collars are safe to use on your pets. While the active ingredients in Seresto flea and tick collars are powerful insecticides that can kill both fleas and ticks, they are much less toxic to your pet than traditional pesticides or spot-on treatments.

Seresto flea and tick collars have been tested by veterinarians and scientists and have proven to be both safe and effective. In addition, they have also been specifically designed to work with a wide range of pet coats, sizes and weights.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to protect your pet from fleas and ticks without exposing them to harmful chemicals, then a Seresto flea and tick collar is a great choice!


When used as directed, a properly applied Seresto flea and tick collar can offer you peace of mind that your pet will be safe from harm caused by external parasitic pests.

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